Burnside Album Details

Drake, Scott "Deluxe" and The World's Strongest Men, Beneath The Bloodshot Lights EP

Has it really been 2 decades since Scott "Deluxe" Drake and the Humpers first fought the good fight to return rock and roll to Southern California? While their peers were killing the ozone layer with Aqua-Net or funk-slapping their basses, The Humpers let loose with a whiskey fueled blast of good ole' American punk rock. These days, Drake may have exchanged the Bourbon for Burgundy, but he's still a true rock and roll powerhouse. His latest EP, Beneath the Bloodshot Lights, has everything you'd expect from "Deluxe" Drake---killer guitar hooks, high octane vocals, and, of course, great songwriting. With this third solo release, Drake proves that he's not just the best front man in rock and roll; he's a force of nature.