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Amankay, Amankay

The group Amankay was founded in the Netherlands 30 years ago by five music students. It probably was the most important Chilean group to be born in exile. Its main purpose was to contribute their own musical sound and repertoire to the manifestations of solidarity that were organized in those days in the struggle against the military dictatorship of Pinochet. The group was convinced it was not enough to simply reproduce the existing repertoire, nor just to sing songs with a certain content; Amankay wanted to offer something which would musically justify their artistic existence. The group recorded Amankay's only, self-titled, album in 1979. Amankay was remarkable, despite its brief period of existence, first and foremost because of the high musical quality of its performances and the purity of sound and warmth of its artistic message and secondly because its musical themes that departed from the usual repertoire of the New Chilean Song of the day.