Burnside Album Details

Klezmokum, Where We Come From Where We're Going

Klezmokum was formed in 1989 by the American composer, pianist, arranger Burton Greene together with clarinetist Marcel Salomon—who has been ‘steeped lifelong’ in Jewish cultural music. Klezmokum comes from klezmer music, combined with the word ‘Mokum’, which means ‘place’ and is the old Jewish name for Amsterdam. To listen to Klezmokum is to travel around the globe through traditional Jewish cultures, to enter a past world and then return through the rhythmic vitality and spontaneity of improvised jazz into present time reality. The album Where we come from... Where we’re going is the 3rd in a trilogy of Burton Greene’s arrangements and extended compositions based on little known, mainly Jewish works of writers and composers active since before World War II until the present time.