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Michael Dean Damron, A Perfect Day For A Funeral

Michael Dean Damron's debut solo record, "A Perfect Day for a Funeral", is full of love and hate. With some of the Northwest's best players in the regional blues, folk, and country scene, Damron has created a soulful, rich collection of melodic, intimate songs that give you a deep look into his psyche. For those familiar with Michael Dean Damron, (also known as Mike D., front-man for the political rock 'n' roll outfit I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House), "A Perfect Day for a Funeral" is a long time coming. The music is beautifully crafted, and rather relaxing (compared to Damron's rock alter ego). However, the lyrics are just as biting as Damron's other work. When all is said and done, Damron's first solo record will quickly grab you and become one of your favorite records of the year. It's a beautiful blend of country, folk, soul, and blues music that show the rootsier side of Damron.

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