Burnside Album Details

Electric iLL, Twisted Light EP

Viva Voce's Kevin Robinson transforms himself into Kaylee Rob and debuts Electric iLL on first album 'Twisted Light' available April 16th on Amore!Phonics. Five electro-soul, honest ass shaking tunes. Electric iLL is Kaylee Rob and Ragen Fykes. While working together on a Sufjan Steven remix, Ohmega Watts introduced Kevin to Ragen Fkyes and the two became quick friends and collaborators. Says Kaylee Rob, - "Historically, a lot of my songwriting tends to point out problems. I've had enough of that. Life's too short. Woe is relative. We need to be in the moment. Right now. It's been scientifically proven to improve your health and lengthen your lifespan. Lengthens your telomeres. Enjoy this moment right now. Enjoy life. I ditched three years of bleeding-heart-on-my-sleeve songwriting and started with a blank page. Focused only on the moment. One month later I was done with the Electric iLL record."