Burnside Album Details

Pulido, Lucia, Waning Moon

“This recording weaves together several strands of Lucía Pulido´s musical projects into a highly condensed and expressive sound. Lucía Pulido and her musicians have been pioneers in the creation of a Colombian New York sound that has slowly consolidated over the past decade. Lucía’s voice moves from festive dances to funeral laments, contrasting songs that allow her to explore the many nuances of her voice. Sudden changes in volume and density, fluid dialogues with the musicians, the voice overpowering the word at times, and at others, adding to its poetic flight. The music is based on traditional songs from the Colombian Caribbean, the Pacific Coast and the Eastern Plains. Like the different faces of a waning moon, this recording explores the many ways in which Lucía and the musicians she works with have crafted their music into a rich exploration of her voice through experimental work made possible by the cross-roads of places and musics, of migrating Colombian traditions in flux.” Ana Maria Ochoa Gautier, Columbia University